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Candles are made in the following patterns, except for the owls which come in their own plummage. You will need to select a shape in order to see which combinations of shape and pattern are available from stock.

P01 Cartoons

P02 Zebra Rows

P04 Swirl

P08 Black&White

P09 Huts

P10 Aboriginal

P25 Fish kiss

P27 Butterflies-red

P28 Butterflies-brown

P29 Butterflies-blue

P30 Butterflies-green

P33 Flower mix

P35 Leaf-multicolour

P39 Purple/green

P40 Purple/red

P41 Leaf-Red/yell

P43 Leaf purple/yell

P44 Leaf green/yell

P49 B&W&R skin

P50 Giraffe skin

P51 Leopard skin

P56 Congo

P62  Daisy

P63  Delft

P64 Giraffe Stripe

P66  Lizard

P67  Rosetta Red

P20  Xmas Holly

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P70 Seahorse

P71 Timbali patch

P13 Green Fans

P17 Senegal goat

P46 Zebra skin

P53 White Leopard

P54 Black Zigzag

P68  Basotho-Juba

P69  Hearts 2

P74 Xmas Colours

P65 Zebra swirl

P75  Rainbow

P76  Indian Summer

P77  Istanbul

P80  Small hearts

P82 B&W zigzag

P83 Black circles

P84 B&W triangles

P85 B&W circles

P86  Starfish

P87 Red & green zags

P81 Hearts purple

P90 Orange flowers

P91 Blue flowers

P93 Red flowers

P95 Cave drawings

P96 Yellow spots